Happy 2018!

The New Year is here! If you’ve already made it to a karate class at Pak’s in Bossier, then there’s a good chance you've had Master Heidi ask you what “martial arts related goal” you have set for yourself.

New Year’s resolutions have a trend of being set, with every intent to be accomplished, but within in just a few months are forgotten.  So here at Pak’s we’re focusing on “What can I accomplish in the first three months?” Along with making a set plan on how to accomplish that goal. Many students have chosen to improve their run time. Let’s say a student has a current run time of one mile in 10:15 and he wants to bring it down to a solid 10:00. So he sets a plan to knock off ONE second every time he runs. Now if he were to run twice a week for the next three months and shave off ONE second each time, do you think he’d accomplish his goal? Of course! And then some! Wouldn’t it be great to exceed your New Year’s resolution? It’s possible for everyone to do so if we know, realistically, what we can accomplish in a fair amount of time.

So this New Year don’t just set a goal, break it down to the smallest possible increment for the first three months and work your way up throughout the year. And if it’s something you have to set aside a time of the day and week to do put it on your calendar like it’s an appointment that you cannot miss! Maybe go a step further and create a vision board and put it somewhere you can look at it every day!

Make 2018 your BEST year yet! - For real this time J

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