Train Smarter With Adult Martial Arts Classes At Pak's Karate Louisiana

Get the best workout in Louisiana with our Teen and Adult Martial Arts Classes at both of our Pak's Karate locations. Our programming for teen and adult students offers wide-ranging instruction in multiple disciplines that will help you get in shape fast and equip you with the tools to defend yourself against any real-world threats you may face. 

Whether you've trained in the martial arts for years or you're simply looking for a fun and exciting way to stay in shape and build lean muscle, our multiple teen and adult class options offer you the chance to learn and sharpen new skills while you enjoy the benefits of the most complete total body workout you've ever experienced. 

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Take Your Pick From Multiple Adult Martial Arts Classes

At Pak's Karate Louisiana, we aim to offer you the most comprehensive Adult Martial Arts training around. Our team of skilled instructors is trained in multiple disciplines that will give you the most well-rounded knowledge of the core martial arts disciplines practiced today. 

Class options include:

Self Defense: Offering an emphasis on both the physical and mental aspects of self-defense, these classes will equip you with a handful of simple, efficient tactics that will keep you safe against any close combat attacker. 

Kickboxing: A combination of killer cardiovascular training and a core set of important self-defense skills, our Kickboxing classes will keep men and women of all experience levels motivated to reach and exceed their fitness goals. 

MMA: Among our most popular offerings, MMA training at Pak's Karate will teach you how to be effective and efficient in both stand-up and ground fighting situations. Plus, you'll gain serious total body strength and improve your flexibility each and every week.

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Jiu Jitsu: Built around the concept of gaining optimum leverage on an opponent, our Jiu Jitsu training will give you top-notch skills in ground grappling and set you up for success against opponents of any size. 

Judo: With a focus on pins, locks, and submissions, Judo training at Pak's Karate will teach you the basics of this traditional martial art or help you continue to sharpen your skills for competition and self-defense. 

Pick One Or Pair Them All For The Most Exciting Training Program

Our Teen And Adult Martial Arts Classes offer students the opportunity to pick one discipline and master it with a thorough understanding of all of its intricacies. Or you could try them all for a comprehensive total body workout that will build your: 

  • Mental and physical strength
  • Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Self-Discipline and focus

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